OnNet (ON) combines Technology, GIS Software, Network Engineering Data, Big Data Analytics  and Cellular Deployment knowledge to accelerate our client’s land use, revenue generating opportunities and business evolution.


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By utilizing Geospatial Intelligence ON is able to analyze existing cellular imagery, GPS coordinates, satellite land photography, fiber routes  and historical network data to predict cellular growth in the U.S.  Our proprietary database is the first of its kind to predict 5G and 6G.

ON is wireless infrastructure development and management organization. We are comprised of industry leading experts in the fields of Cellular Development, Real Estate Law, Geo Spatial Technology, Radio Frequency Engineering, Data Analytics and Database Development.

Many different types of real estate from land parcels to commercial buildings are great assets for telecommunications income. ON represents a large variety of asset types and parcel owners. Whether you are a small real estate owner or a large Real Estate Investment Trust. ON is a proven partner.  We defend your land rights and maximize your revenue.  We do not allow cellular carriers to take advantage of our partners.



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