Cellular for Exterior and Interior of Buildings


Through the use of On Net’s (ON’s) proprietary GIS database, we can advise you on emerging indoor and outdoor wireless technologies that will increase the marketability of your property as we approach 5G in 2020. OnNet can rapidly increase your monthly revenue streams based on future data demands while providing great cell phone coverage and data capabilities for your tenants.


Many property owners are unaware of the hidden value that lies within their building or large venue. As macro cellular facilities that can provide adequate coverage and capacity get harder to install, wireless carriers are looking to expand their reach into hard to reach large commercial buildings and venues. These indoor and outdoor solutions do not require towers or enormous antennas but utilize much smaller stealth antennas and equipment. ON can guide property owners through this advanced technology and maximize the revenue from such installations.


These indoor and outdoor building installations can provide tremendous marketability to the property with recurring revenue streams that increase the value of the respective properties with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE OR CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

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