Design and Construct


Our real estate and design teams are made up of experienced engineers, cellular construction experts and antenna installation specialists accustomed to developing cellular towers, cellular roof tops and both private and public networks in new construction and operational building environments.  ON’s team uses the latest design software together with industry leading methods of procedure and standards.  Our team is fully equipped to handle a wide range of system designs including Macro Cellular Design, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Commercial WiFi. Our industry experience includes designing cellular, DAS, commercial WiFI and small cell systems.


Our track record of working in the U.S. and South America has enabled us to embrace the latest technology and deployment strategies for our customers.  In all cases we take into account the aesthetics of the land and/or the building and surrounding area to work with architects to hide and disguise antennas and other equipment. We liaise with the customer about the logistics of the design and establish relationships with the principal contractors in order to streamline the development.





ON provides Build-to-Suit tower services across the country for all wireless carriers and can take on a project at any stage of development. We have the ability to deploy large amounts of capital to handle projects of any size. Our team has built thousands of towers for customers in all 50 states. We work with local municipalities, carriers, and site acquisition resources to find sites that resolve issues with coverage gaps to implement a fast and flexible solution for our clients. With over 100 years of combined deployment experience, ON is a valuable partner.

Site Management


ON manages more than 100 communications facilities across the nation, ranging from rural tower sites to rooftops in metropolitan centers. ON will provide you with comprehensive, full-service site management that includes engineering, marketing, site maintenance, legal review, customer billing, contract negotiations and site analysis.


ON maximizes owner’s income from communications sites through careful planning, engineering and installation oversight. With ON’s site management experience, proprietary database and commitment to excellence, we can help you get the most value from your rooftop, tower or property.



Construction Management


Managing a cellular tower communications construction project can be difficult and time consuming. ON Construction Management Services frees up your valuable time and resources, so that you can focus on your core business.  ON will manage the construction process for both new site builds, co-locations and ground equipment in a fast and efficient manner.  From permitting to test and turn up ON will manage your construction project and successfully see it through to completion.  ON provides turnkey services and solutions for the development and construction of new communications sites. Let ON build-to-suit management services protect your land and make efficient use of your time.

Existing Lease Holders


OnNet can assist in maximizing your lease revenue through the use of our proprietary database of wireless and core network infrastructure. OnNet has the ability to analyze your telecommunications facility in an unprecedented manner.


Rent Reduction Negotiation Services


Most of today's major wireless carriers are utilizing third-party companies to contact existing landlords to try and coerce reductions to existing monthly rent. Most of these third-party companies pay commissions to their agents based upon the amount of rent reduction they secure. As you can imagine, this leads to aggressive sales agents that often utilize threats and an unprofessional approach. Being approached by these overzealous inexperienced agents can be intimidating and threatening.


Let OnNet analyze the rent reduction offer and complete a thorough risk assessment of your lease. We can identify network redundancy, area coverage, area data growth, contract termination risks and help you level the playing field with these third party companies.


Expert Lease Negotiation


ON has successfully negotiated thousands of wireless leases with all of the major telecom carriers, municipalities and tower companies.  We know the market and budgets of the carriers.  We have current market rent comparisons to get you the highest rental rates.  Time will not be wasted chasing unreasonable lease clauses because we know the carrier's lease process and what they will agree to.  ON can negotiate existing wireless lease renewals to improve lease terms and obtain higher rents.  You are our partner.  Our job is to protect you!  We know how to negotiate the critical provisions of any wireless lease:


  • Term and Rent Commencement Dates
  • Lease area dimensions
  • Permitted Use
  • Termination Rights
  • Insurance
  • Restoration and Removal Provisions
  • Sublease and Assignment rights
  • Annual Escalations
  • C0-Location Rights


Lease Renewal Negotiations


Many of the nation's leading wireless carriers have leases with landlords that originated over 20 to 25 years ago. The term on these leases is nearing expiration. Many of the carriers will start inquiring about your lease renewal 24 to 18 months prior to expiration. There are many factors based upon what will be negotiated in new lease renewal amendment. Let us complete a thorough analysis of your lease, the existing facility in place and the proposed renewal terms by the carrier. Often times we are able to secure large rent increases in addition to better lease terms for our property owners.  ON’s proprietary database assess the growth of cellular use in your area and predicts the next few decades of growth to determine today’s and tomorrow’s market value.



Lease Purchase Negotiations


Many property owners with existing wireless leases on their property are unaware that these agreements can be immediately capitalized into large lump sum payments. Property owners may see the monthly recurring revenue from a wireless lease as a great income source.  However, as many wireless lease holders have experienced throughout the nation, the risk of site redundancy, rent reductions and lease terminations have rapidly increased with major carrier mergers and technological advances. In certain situations, lump sum purchase transactions can benefit property owners by immediately recognizing a tremendous one-time payment while instantly eliminating their leases inherent risks. Before agreeing or accepting any buyout offer, property owners should ensure they have the highest level of information, market comparisons, site growth analysis and important deal terms to obtain the best deal possible.


With absolutely no obligation or cost to you, OnNet can immediately:


  • Evaluate your existing wireless lease and any existing purchase offers
  • Educate you on the pros and cons of the purchase offer
  • If you haven't been approached by an interested party, ON can immediately assess your wireless lease asset value and obtain instant quotes from its existing network of qualified and well-financed investment groups

With years of experience with wireless property acquisition and construction services we can quickly assess lease compliance and identify possible carrier defaults. ON will perform a complementary analysis of your existing lease rights and wireless installation on your property.




  • Take measurements of existing lease area dimensions
  • Existing site equipment & tower inventory
  • Photographs
  • Quantify existing lease area dimensions




  • Verify existing lease compliance in conjunction with completed Site Audit
  • Review lease, associated exhibits & existing site drawings
  • Note existing discrepancies & lease term expirations/options
  • Evaluate current rent using existing market comparables
  • Complete ON Site Audit and Lease Review Form (sample)





The following are sample analysis reports for carrier and proposed site modifications properties. These reports validate the existing or proposed equipment and leased space per the contract.


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